Eva came to Dahab in 2003 seeking a new adventure and challenge in her life. One thing she missed was the fresh German bread and pastries she was so very fond of. The idea of a hotel and German bakery was born in 2004 where together with an Egyptian business partner she set out to renovate an old camp which would include a German Bakery.

After 9 months of official procedures and red tape, they got the news that a renovation of the camp was not possible because it was too close to the carpet stone of El Fanar Street. All was not lost though, during this time her first holiday villa was built; Villa Boheme. Soon after this in February 2005, a new building plan was approved and the creation of The “Alf Leila Bed and Breakfast” and “Leila’s Bakery” was finally underway.

For the launch of the Bakery they hired a professional German baker, the oven and equipment arrived and the kitchen started baking without doors or windowsin the Kitchen! This was October 2005 and the first test of our creation was at the Kindergarten Flea Market. Due to popular demand and increasing pressure from the community we opened full time, still without windows and doors! At the end of November, Ralph Stocker a Baker from Munich joined our team and finally in December 2005 a bakery was officially opened. This occasion was marked with a big party, Leilas’s bakery & café was complete….

The bakery has been a gem in the heart of Dahab, much of its success thanks to the local community appreciating the fresh Bavarian breads hand made daily onsite… It has taken some time but the Egyptian community are good customers appreciating the European style of baking.

Eva’s son was born June 2007 and she felt it time to take a step back from this part of the business and Ralph took over Leila’s Bakery. In September 2008 her and her husband Lawrence embarked on a second holiday villa “Palm Beach Villa” located on the beach in Dahab.

This was followed by “Villa Sunshine” and Leila’s bakery also opened another small café in the popular lighthouse area. Eva left “Alf Leila’s Bed and Breakfast” and Leila’s Restaurant came into plan.

This is soon to launch in September 2010….. Leila’s is growing….