We are specialized in decorated cakes!


You can choose if you want vanilla or chocolate dow. In the big one you can have both. These cakes are made with a moist dow and will be covered with icing. They need no cooling and keep fresh for some days as the icing conserves the cake. Ideal for the hot climate!!!

Small cake for ca 10 person: 180 le

Big cake for ca 20 person: 220 le

Then there are different decorations possible and these are paid by hour 30 le.

You tell me what you would like to have, for example an airplane, a teddy bear, a pokemon, a sleep over cake, a castle, a car…etc. and I will tell you at the order what I will do and how much work it is. So a normal cake will be 1- 3 hours work of decoration.

There is no limit for shape and color.

Here are some example:

Camp cake for 20 persons 220 le plus 5 hours work 350 le

Sleep over cake for 10 persons 180 le plus 2 hours deco for 240le

Pokemon cake for 10 persons 180 le plus 4 hours deco 300le

Spring cake for 10 persons 180 le plus one hour deco 210 le

airplane cake  for 10 persons 180 le plus 2 hour deco 240 le.